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    2019 CME Committee Members:

    General APP Track:
    Temitope Adebayo, PA-C
    Caitlin Brady, PA-C
    Courtney Brown, PA-C
    Jill Flynn, PA-C
    Sarah Heins, PA-C
    Shanae Ivey, PA-C
    Joanne Melson, PA-C
    Kristen Robinson, PA-C
    Esha Shah, PA-C

    PrePA Track Committee:
    Caitlin Lange, PA-C
    Brooke Schweitzer, PA-C

    CME Student Track Committee:
    John Patrick Cuneca, PA-S
    Yue Jiang, PA-S

    Publicity Committee:
    Thuy Nguyen, PA-C
    Christine Vu, PA-C

    A Ways and Means Committee:
    Kelsey Assarian, PA-C

    Please contact our secretary at [email protected] if you would like to volunteer on a committee.  There are various committee opportunities that are available throughout the year.  Thank you for your commitment to Houston area PAs and TGCPAA.