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    Member Accolades

    TGCPAA 2017 PA of the Year

    Alice Judkins award for Excellence

    Outstanding PA of the Year, TAPA 

    Alisha M. Praznik, MPAS, PA-C

    The TGCPAA fellow members are working hard and making a difference.  Check out a few highlights from your PA colleagues.  

    Alisha is a PA in Plastic/Reconstructive Surgery at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.  She graduated from UTMB PA Program in 2005 and has worked at MD Anderson Cancer Center ever since.  

    Alisha has served as a wonderful mentor for the twenty-four PAs in the MD Anderson plastic surgery group.  She immediately took on the role of teacher, spending many early mornings and late nights in the OR, ensuring that each PA is loaded with the knowledge and skill to perform superior quality plastic surgery.  She will accept nothing but the best from her team.  This commitment to teaching is in part of what makes her great, as she is always ready to step up and do what is best for the team to ultimately improve patient care; a selfless quality that she embodies.

    One of her fellow PAs wrote, "we work in a unique field treating patients as they journey through their cancer diagnosis, surgery, and the chance to heal and become whole thereafter.   Alisha pours her heart into patient care and truly is there with her patient every step of the way, making their journey less difficult to bear.  Her gentle spirit, tenacity, and caring heart, truly touch the lives of the patients she encounters on a daily basis.  She is a technically highly skilled in the OR and is a clinic expert in reconstructive surgery, making her a pivotal member of our team. 

    Alisha's supervising physician told TAPA, "She is an invaluable part of our team and an excellent colleague, arriving early and leaving late almost every day and constantly checking to make sure that the ORs and clinics are covered appropriately. Being a PA for her is not simply a job, it is an integral part of who she is and how she views herself.   Before surgery, her counseling is outstanding and our patients always feel so well informed about the surgery, they understand both what we will be doing and what to expect.  In the operating room she is extremely conscientious and efficient and I value her aesthetic opinion tremendously.  Following surgery, patients look forward to seeing her.  When I am the first person to walk into a patients room during clinic, almost without fail, the first question that patients ask me is, "isn't Alisha here?"

    Finally another PA colleague wrote, "outside of our role in the hospital, Alisha strives to improve the strength of the PA profession, by serving as the President of the Texas Gulf Coast Physician Assistant Association.  She puts in countless hours to make this organization great and successfully hosted the first TGCPAA CME Symposium for APPs last year.  She also gives back to the profession through education by both precepting students and by teaching suture workshops at MD Anderson, TAPA and AAPA Conferences.