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    Pre-PA Boot Camp

    Do you want to be a PA? Are you applying to PA school? Do you want to learn tips & tricks to help perfect your application and streamline the CASPA application process?

    If you said yes to any of these questions, then TGCPAA's Pre-PA Boot Camp is the event for you!


    Pre-PA Boot Camp

    Date: Saturday March 28, 2020

    Time: 8 am - 1 pm

    Location: United Way of Greater Houston

    50 Waugh, Houston, TX 77007

    Cost: $75



    Launch Your PA Journey

    What does the PA Profession look like today? What are the hot topics in the PA World? What does your CASPA application really look like to the admission committee? Let us give you a backstage tour to map it all out!

    Personal Statement: How do YOU stand out?

    What to write in the application essay? How to best tell your unique story? Should you use an editing service? How to even start? Don't panic! We are here to help!

    You Got an Interview! Now What?

    What are some of the common interview questions? How to stay calm if you are nervous? How to plan for the trip if you need to travel?

    Day in the Life of a PA Student

    They say PA school can be tough...but what is it really like on a day to day basis as a PA student?

    PA Breakout Session

    This will be your opportunity to have face-to-face mentoring time with practicing PAs. Feel free to bring a draft of your application essay, practice interview questions, or get answers to questions you have!

    Interview Speed Dating

    Hone your interviewing skills by quickly running through questions and answers one on one with a PA.

    Bring your personal statement to be reviewed for those applying for 2020!

    Beverages & food will be provided.

    *Please note this schedule is tentative.


    Refund Policy: Please note that registration is 100% refundable until January 15, 2020 and 50% refundable until March 14, 2020. After March 14, the event is non-refundable. If you can't make it, please email [email protected]



    Are you a PA Program that is looking to be involved in our Pre-PA Bootcamp? If so, CLICK HERE