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    PA for functional medicine practice

    Advanced Nerve and Health Center


    Dr. Bao Thai

    JOB POSTED: Nov. 26, 2018

    Who should apply:

    1. Individuals who want to make a difference

    2. Individuals who like people

    3. People who like solving problems

    4. People who like to see patients get well

    5. People who like to push themselves to achieve more

    6. People who want to be in a position of growth

    7. People who like to make money

    8. People who like learning new things

    9. People who just get it done!

    10. People who have common sense

    ****WHAT WE DO****

    We are a multidisciplinary functional medicine practice. Through innovative technology and a revolutionary process we use proprietary methods to heal nerve damage without surgery OR medications! We utilize laser technology as well as modern medicine. We use IV therapies, stem cells, and prp injections to help get patients there quality of life back.  In a nutshell... we change people's lives!

    -We live by 8 Core Values:

    -We Love Getting People Well

    -We Always Do The Right Thing

    -We Innovate And Constantly Improve

    -We Face Challenges With Excitement

    -We Don't Waste Anyone's Time And Money

    -We Improve Our Patient's Lives

    -We Strive To Be The BEST!

    -We Value Family

    ****WHY JOIN OUR TEAM****

    -Family Work Environment

    -Your Chance To Really Make A Difference

    -Opportunities To Move Up In The Company

    -Learn Something New Every Day


    1. Examining and diagnosing patients with neuropathy and chronic pain

    2. Treating patients with Dr. Thai’s neuropathy process

    3. Performing initial patient consultations

    4. Managing the patient care

    5. Working with staff and patients to make sure patients are happy and finishing care on time

    6. Administering IV vitamin therapy

    7. Performing stem cell injections

    8. Performing PRP injections

    We are excited to have opened our Houston office and I am looking for a PA who is wanting to change people's lives.  As the founder of the Advanced Nerve and Laser Center, myself and Dr. Adam Sewell, are looking for PA to help execute our vision of helping patients beyond what they thought was possible. I am looking for an individual to help lead my team to the next level.  Every day in our office is an exciting and rewarding day. A typical day in our office is filled with tears of joy with people being able to live life without pain - without unnecessary medication.  We constantly change people's lives with a process that I have created that helps your body repair and regenerate damaged nerves and damaged tissues. This is our passion and we will continue our pursuit of healing the world of nerve damage!

    To see more of what we do go to

    Job Type: Full-time or Part Time

    Salary: TBD